Nate, Mark and Kieran Bass make up the British trio, The Bass Brothers. They recently moved to Nashville to launch their country music career, a dream since childhood when they experienced stardom in the pop music genre. The pure magic of their vocals, fueled by what can only be described as sibling connection, makes this trio an act you don’t want to miss.


David Huff jokes that London act, The Bass Brothers are the new “British Invasion” of Nashville.

“I have been doing this awhile but when I heard them sing I knew we had to get them to Nashville.”  Huff goes on to divulge that he quickly played what he heard for his brother, Nashville mega producer Dann Huff.  “The talent is so immense and the harmonies are so rich it is just undeniable,” Dann said while remembering their own band, Giant. “I love making music with my brother so we totally get them on that level.”

The journey that led Nate, Mark and Kieran to Nashville is a long one full of peaks and valleys. When the middle Bass, Mark, was only 11-years old it became evident to industry insiders that he was a child protégé.  Before a sold out crowd in London’s Wembly arena, judges Eric Clapton, Steve Vai and Brian May awarded him the title of “Young Guitarist of the Year” and an endorsement from Fender.  Very soon after his equally talented brothers, Nate and Kieran joined him on bass and drums.  The pure magic of their vocals, fueled by what can only be described as the sibling connection, gave birth to the trio. Fourteen different labels immediately pursued the brothers, called Next Of Kin at the time. The winner of the bidding war was Universal and their career began.

In 1999 they embarked on the “Smash Hits Tour” through Europe with Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and The Spice Girls. The next 13 years was a whirlwind of tours, recording (5 studio albums) and praise from the likes of Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne on their show the X Factor.

“I think the X-Factor served as the re-launch of our career as adults not children,” said the eldest, Nate. “It was also the time that the three of us looked at each other and voiced what we really wanted for our career and that was to work in the country music world.”

“Nashville has been so welcoming and supportive,” said Mark. “We recorded at Reba’s studio and Martina McBride’s studio.  We thought that being from London might be a barrier but we are finding there is genuine excitement about the fact that country music is so loved globally.”

“I am just in awe of the songwriting talent that we have witnessed here in Nashville,” said the youngest of the bunch, Kieran. “When we started taking listening meetings with our producers we knew we were right where we belong here in Nashville.”

The Bass Brothers now reside in Nashville, TN.